menage trois chardonnay wine review

    Ep109: Seduced to Kill, this week, the gals get intimate with a couple of cases involving feminine wiles. Pour a glass of Pheasant Runs Bank Robber Red Blend, map out your tunnel, remove your sunglasses, and tune in for Bank Heists. Ep4: Peeping Toms This week, the gals get paranoid exploring the many ways strangers can watch you, even in the privacy of your own home (or Porta Potty). Cases include some greedy-ass Spaniards, a Minnesotan crime worthy of the Cohen brothers, and a woman who blurred the line between lover and accomplice. Topics include a synthetic-pot-head, a pathetic virgin with a god complex, and a dangerous big brother (with great eyebrows). This weeks episode is paired with Santa Elvira Pinot Grigio (we hear a bottle of white wine a day keeps the demons at bay so put down your torch, grab a bottle (and a rosary and tune. Topics include crabby spiders, a horror show in a Czech basement, and a seriously hungry Frenchman. Plenty of flavor in a medium body wine.

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    Ep92: Eastern European Serial Killers This week, the gals head east to check out some gory stories from the Motherland. Ep93: Ex-Pat Crimes This week, the gals seriously consider the pros and cons of living in their native country. Topics include the rise of female incarceration, a Russian serf-slayer, and a maternity hospital from hell. Ep106: Love Triangles, this week, the gals focus their attention on some cases involving one too many lovers. Topics include an interview with a professional, an unidentified corpse exhibit, and a literal dumpster fire with fatal consequences. Topics include pop psychology and the press, a prolific west-coast terrorist, and a well-mannered Brit who just wanted to find the perfect roommate. Thats right, its time to talk Cruise Ship Disappearances! Topics include musical underwear, a tale of two cousins with an unnecessary number of spies, and a slightly more violent Romeo and Juliet saga. These are great for gifts or celebrating. This product must be pre-ordered and will normally be available in # days.

    menage trois chardonnay wine review

    Blanc, shuffle your tarot cards, burn some sage, and tune in for Crimes Solved by Psychics. Topics include seduction tips for men and women (and the vast disparity between the two an interview with a former Nazi resistor, and a deadly pizza delivery. Ep13: Angels of Death (Part 2) In Part Two, the gals get into the cases of a couple of real-life Angels of Death: nurse Jolly Jane Toppan and Nazi monster Josef Mengele, plus a few doc-tators, including one. Simi Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley 3 Liter,.99. Pick up a bottle of NickName Cabernet Sauvignon, purchase a genealogy kit, do NOT speak to your neighbor, and tune in for Killer Nicknames. William Phelps joins the conversation to give some insight on how these books take shape. Ep24: Trust Fund Murders The gals explore the darker side of being filthy, filthy rich in this weeks episode: Trust Fund Murders. Crack open a bottle of Von Buhl Bone Dry Riesling, avoid tsunami-prone areas, schedule a dentist appointment (for real and tune. Nandi also answers some (supes inapprope) fan questions, and we get a glimpse of The Good Doctor from Detroits musical tastes.

    Important, is there, arsenic in your Trader Joes Wine? Paired with this episode is Wincs Kin Country Primitivo, so pour two glasses, set your gin trap, shave your goatee, and tune. Michelle Canoe Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon,.59 (On sale for.89) Diamond Creek Napa Valley Cabernet 2008, 135.99 Dry Creek Vineyard Cabernet Sonoma,.99 Excelsior Cabernet,.99 Folie A Deux Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma,.99 (On sale for.79) Freemark Abbey Napa. Better stock up with Wincs Folly of the Beast Pinot Noir (you might need it look up the numbers for your representatives, and tune. Ep75: Bride Crimes This week, the gals make the ultimate commitment before their friends and family. Thus lobster, halibut and swordfish are ideal food pairings. Ep86: Ransom Crimes This week, the gals investigate mysterious clues leading to kidnapped persons. Jean Cabernet,.99 Columbia Crest Two Vines Cabernet,.99 Crane Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley,.99 Recommended ( Only available in CA Stores) Dark Horse Cabernet,.99 Recommended Frei Brothers Reserve Cabernet Alexander Valley,.99 Green Fin Cabernet,.99 Kunde. Pick up a bottle of Evolucio Furmint, quit the football team, schedule an MRI, and tune in for Dangerous Minds. Drip some Vampire Vineyards Dracula Merlot onto your lips, tuck into that rare steak, and tune in for Vampire Serial Killers. While Trader Joes may have forged their reputation in the wine marketplace with the success of Two Buck Chuck, things have certainly evolved from there. Topics include the wonders of forensic archaeology, a worldly woman with an unnatural obsession, and the mysterious murder of a family of four. Beckermann Piesporter Michelsberg Riesling Spatlese Germany,.49 Relax Riesling Germany,.99 Other Domestic White Wines Trader Joes Wine Alice White Alexia Moscato,.99 Not menage trois chardonnay wine review Recommended Blue Fin Moscato,.49 Recommended Chateau Ste. Topics include a shady gynecologist, whimsical blood terminology, and whether a dingo really did eat that baby. Topics include a Dutch Miracle Max, a pointy-faced derelict, and some frighteningly specific sets of numbers, plus intuitive consultant Charles Tiemann shares his story.

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    Cases include the dark side of Indian public transportation, a relatively fruitless mass mugging, and some fatally good Black Friday deals. Pour a glass of Lost Vineyards Bianco, do not go for that run, and tune in for Vanished Without a Trace. Topics include an unhappy girl with a fishy father, a young woman with everything going for her, plus Payne Lindsey joins us from the podcast Up and Vanished. Kendall Jackson Grand Reserve Pinot Noir Monterey County 3 Liter,.99. Ep31: Criminal Profiling This week, the gals talk criminal profiling and welcome a special guest: Jim Fitz Fitzgerald, author and the FBI profiler who helped catch the Unabomber. Wash down your Ambien with a glass of Wincs Pas Ordinaire Red Blend (actually do not do that cover the pool, strap yourself down, and tune in for Sleepwalking Crimes. Xante Cognac Liqueur 750ml, rating * Select Rating1 star (worst)2 stars3 stars (average)4 stars5 stars (best). Ep45: Identity Theft This week, the gals gain a new paranoia while discussing the many ways in which your identity can be stolen.